As an Investor you wouldn´t apply your saves on a failing business. The wealthy trades strive to minimize the risk of betting their steaks at the wrong company. However, what does it take to minimize that risk? What is it that define the successful enterprise and thus the chances of an entrepreneur? The answer is Passion. Once ones discover what is it that makes them happy there will never be another single day of work on their lives. Everyday enjoying the path is what will bring them to glory. That is what we at Ataque Duplo academy do! All the hard work is endured with joy and it pays off. By betting on our athletes, you can promote your business using the most successful Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team in North Germany as a Platform to reach the publican.

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Ataque Duplo Hannover academy is a member of the Ataque Duplo Association. Conglomerate of academies mainly based on Florianópolis capital of Santa Catarina State on south Brazil. The association has spread to different countries around the world with members of AD in United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, China and Germany.

In 2015 Ataque Duplo Hannover has moved facilities to a new martial arts school. Fightschool has come up to town as a game changer. The differential is basically its Philosophy. The core principle is the sports for everyone mind set, where the average people can learn a new art, exercise their bodies and relief the stress from the daily working routine in a friendly environment, but with a major differential. Athletes looking for a place to train HARD and invest their energy on competition training focused on either MMA or ground fight will find here the perfect place to excel. With Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training sessions from Monday to Friday and the only Black Belt in town, Ataque Duplo Hannover is one the most successful teams in Germany. Pay us a visit and check it out by yourself.

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• Support to register into Official Competitions (IBJJF) (World Pro).

• Continuous support from our BJJ head coach in Germany (Workshops & Seminars).

• Free Practice at Ataque Duplo headquarters in Hannover.

• Amazing team environment.

• Competitive mind set.

• Coaching.

• Yearly BJJ camp including several black belts.

• Take part of a winning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team.

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